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The coulour code (only for the first letter in the code) is the one used in the BTO code:
A = other metal rings, B = dark blue, C = dark pink (carmine), G = dark green, K = light pink, L = light green (lime), M = metal ring, N = black (niger), O = orange, P = pale blue, R = red, S = silver/grey, U = brown, V = violet/mauve/purple, W = white, Y = yellow

In bold, LBBG means Lesser Black-backed Gull, GBBG is Greater Black-backed Gull, HG is Herring Gull, YLG is Yellow-legged Gull and x stands for hybrids between two of these species.
On the second line there is the colour code, and, if relevant, the metal ring code and city and the ringing date.

If there are two colour rings, the code will be for example W-E-G-R123 for a bird with a white ring on the left leg with code E and a green ring with code R123 on the right leg.