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You can try the new version (still in test) of this page, which produces .kml files (readable in Google Earth)

If you read Med Gulls rings, you probably know Camille Duponcheel, who sends you the life-histories of the Gulls you observed.
This page allows you to transform the .rtf documents sent by Camille Duponcheel (Dutch white rings and Belgian and French green rings) into tab-separated files, which can be easily read with Excel.
It produces two files per bird, one file containing the information of all the birds, and a last one containing all the places visited by the Gulls you observed.

The first file of a bird is only an extraction of the .rtf file.
The second file allows you to plot the road of the bird on the website
A third file containing all the information of all the birds is created and is quite similar to the RTF file.

The only thing you have to do before uploading your file is to open the RTF file with Word and to save it as a text file (.txt).
Then select the kind of file it is, select the .txt file to upload and click on "Upload". After a few seconds you will only have to download a zip file containing all the informations of all the birds.

To plot the road, go to the website mentionned above and cut & paste the data of the file containing the word "parcours" or "parcours_all" for all the places.

If the created zip file contains only one empty file it means you have not select the good ring type, or the .txt file is not suitable or there is a bug somewhere.

Type of rings :
Input file (max 2Mo) :
  (please wait a few seconds while uploading and processing the file)


And you can even see all the places your Med. Gulls have been... or at least the places where they have been seen !!!